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" Calming the mind, opening the heart "

At Kagyu Samye Ling Beaumont in August 2019

from Friday the  2sd at 7.30 pm until Wednesday the 7th at 12.30 am

Given by Annick Nevejan, Olaf Van Kooten

Special Guest  : Lama Rinchen Palmo

Price of the retreat : 300 € without food and accomodation

Minimum requirement for participation is
an 8-week course in MBLC, MBSR or MBCT or equivalent
basic mindfulness or meditation (Dharma) training. 

If you have any question on the content of the retreat

please contact Annick Nevejan at or mobile +31 6 28505578.


This 5-days retreat for mindfulness- and meditation practitioners is to inspire and deepen our practice together. During the retreat we will combine practices from the mindfulness, compassion and insight trainings as developed by the Mindfulness Association (UK) and connect these with their roots in Buddhist practices like Mahamudra and Zen. 

We will do simple yet profound exercises to stabilize the mind that allows us to rest in open awareness (Shamatha).In this way we learn to cultivate a deeper calm and equanimity in the midst of pleasure and pain, fear and joy, sadness and happiness. As the mind becomes more spacious and clear, our innate wisdom and compassion reveal themselves as guiding principles of our lives.

During the retreat we will also practice different meditations to increase our ability to respond more wisely and compassionately to our inner and outer environment.


And we will explore through analytical meditation (Vipashyana) how to take everything in our daily life as practice material for our advancement on the path of spiritual development, or GROWING UP as Ken Wilber calls it.nd clear, our innate wisdom and compassion reveal themselves as guiding principles of our lives.

We will remain in silence parts of the retreat, with daily talks, mindful movement,both guided and silent meditations and time for sharing our experiences.

Trainers with ample experience in contemporary mindfulness and compassion practices and Buddhist meditation techniques are Annick Nevejan, Olaf van Kooten, and Gaëlle Tribout. Special guest during our retreat is Lama Rinchen Palmo, who is in charge of the Beaumont Retreat Centre.

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